White Bread Success!

I’m so excited. Even though I over proofed the dough I had  success with White Bread. I was too tired to wait for it to proof one last time and bake the dough in the oven. So I left it on the counter and went to bed. The rise was already very exciting…

Just as the recipe said. Almost an inch above the pan. Alas I should have put it in the frig for a slower rise. The dough had accumulated too much carbon dioxide which would normally be a good thing – because it is what creates the crumb inside the bread. It had popped through the top and my poor yeast had suffered from an overdose. The gluten had probably separated a bit. 

Not to worry. I took it out of the bread pan and kneaded it back to life, folded and shaped it again and put it back in the pan. I didn’t get as high a rise but I didn’t want to let my efforts go to waste so I baked it. 
It took 45 minutes just to preheat the oven. I put a sheet pan on the bottom and another on a shelf. When it came time to put the bread in the oven it had to be a precise dance. I quickly put the loaves in followed by five cubes of ice. I rushed to close the oven door because the point of the ice is to create steam. 

It came out 50 minute later looking beautiful and almost store bought but slightly better. I waited for it to cool 100% because if I had cut it right away it would have collapsed the crumb. Then I cut it and gave a piece to my wife. She’s my ‘taste tester’ and the look on her face was exciting and it was followed by a huge YUM!! Then a request for a second slice which she ate heartedly with strawberry preserves.    It was indeed “What Wonder Bread always wanted to be.”

I feel great! Like I could do anything, not only in the kitchen but in life. If I could make croissants I’d be home free. 


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